Sorry! Sorry! Technically it is the weekend just not the one I said it would be!

♣ Icons should be made new for this challenge and they must be your own work
♣ Icons must fit the LJ icon specifics of 100x100 pixels in dimension and 40kb or less. No animation.
♣ When you have completed your claim you can either post a link to your icon post or post to the community under a lj-cut. You may have three icons as a preview above the lj-cut or the link
♣ If you post to your own community the post must be unlocked
♣ Post your icons as a new post and not as a comment to this post. All participants will be granted posting access
♣ The subject of your post should be like this - Round 39: Your claim
♣ Do not tag your entries, I will do that
♣ Use the table provided. You may change the colour or font.
♣ Completed sets are due Friday, 25th November

Sign Ups will remain open until the end of the round. You may sign up whenever you like.

All of the themes are up to interpretation

10 themes

Full Body
Negative Space
Your Style

5 category - minamalist

5 minimal looking icons

5 artist's choice

Whatever you want