Needed Banners

This is a list of all the banners that need doing. If anyone wants to help out please just post here and let me know which banners you want to make. You do not need to make banners for an entire round.

Let me know if I have missed any off the list
If you still need any of these made -- I've been given an extra day off, next week, and would be glad to get them made. :)
Please feel free! I welcome and appreciate any help.

That list should be up to date but I will check tonight and edit it if needed.

My boss decided to give me Thursday AND Friday off.. so I've got time to get through all the banners I owe. :D
Awesome, that would be a great help!

I am in the middle of job applications which doesn't make me feel very creative!
Me too, but it is my life right now! Very hard to get entry level jobs in my field so I have to apply for everything even if I'm not qualified just to get my foot in the door
Hi there, I was just doing some banners and noticed that here are also some needed, so I'm going to make them :)