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adapted20in20's Journal

Adaptation 20 in 20
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a d a p t e d 2 0 i n 2 0

adapted20in20 is a 20 in 20 icon challenge for all forms of adaptations. A 20 in 20 challenge is where you have twenty days to complete twenty icons of the subject you have claimed. All of the icons will have a theme assigned to them; ten icons will have an interpretive theme that will change each round, the next five are part of a set that which will be given a category that will change each round and the last five will be artist's choice icons.

Every round the participants will be able to claim an adaptation, this is anything that has been adapted from one form of media to another. The most common example of this would be a television or film adaptation of a book such as North and South, The Vampire Diaries and Vanity Fair. There are other examples of adaptations such as adaptations from plays to TV or film, poetry to musicals, TV series to film and much more. I will accept adaptations that deviate from the original source such as TV shows like True Blood or films such as Were the World Mine.

There is a list of adaptations here. These are not all the possible choices. I will add claimed adaptations to the list as well as anything that I have rejected and the reason behind it.

Sign Ups

To sign up you will need to reply to the sign up post with your username and three choices in claims; this is just in case your first choice has already been taken. Whatever choice is accepted will be the claim that you make your icons of. If, for whatever reason, you need to change your claim you must let me know as soon as possible.

When the signups are closed then I will post the themes for that round and the participants will have twenty days to get all twenty icons done and posted to the community. When you have completed your claim you can either post a link to your icon post or post to the community under a lj-cut. You may have three icons as a preview above the lj-cut or the link. All posts will be moderated and if you do not follow the rules you will be asked to resubmit your icons.


01: All claims need to be of an adaptation of some sort
02: Icons must fit the LJ icon specifics of 100x100 pixels in dimension and 40kb or less
03: No animation
04: You can only enter each round once
05: You can link to your own icon journal only if it is public. All icons need to be visible until voting is over
06: Do not disable comments on your post
07: Claims are first come first served. Multiple claims will not be allowed unless they are of different adaptations such as Persuasion (2007) and Persuasion (1995)
08: When submitting your completed claim please post a 3 icon preview only
09: Submit your claims as followed – Round #: Your claim
10: Do not tag your entries. I will do that


If you wish to affiliate please post here

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